Friday, September 9, 2011

Let's Play Eye of the Beholder

A Blind Let's Play
Platform: Amiga
Released: 1991
Genre: RPG
Setting: Fantasy/Dungeon Crawler
Developer: Westwood Studios
Publisher: Strategic Simulations Inc. (SSI)
Version: 1.09 AGA  WHDLoad Version: 0.2


First Video in the Series:

A year after this game was released for IBM, it was ported to the Amiga. No surprise to many, the sound was superior. What was surprising was that the graphics were not. The graphics were based on the old ECS chip, and didn't utilize the more advanced AGA chip at all. Fast forward to 2006. A programmer named CFou! refurbished the game with 256-color graphics from the IBM version. In essence, here is the game in all it's AGA glory. There's also an automap. Let's kill us some monsters!  ;)  

[Total Game Time - 22:14:20]

Selected Comments From YouTube:

I remember when disk drives sounded like that

Wow, I love that you're playing the Amiga version of this game! It makes a nice change from the usual SNES or PC playthroughs you find on YouTube.
I found this from searching for blind LPs, and have always been fascinated by the style of these kinds of games, but I've only ever played Undercroft on iOS... older games like these feel too intimidating for me. That's why I love blind LPs, I get to see everything the game has to offer, without committing to any frustration myself. :D

I like the fact you are playing this old game. I've played it considerably myself. I hope you enjoy it, I remember it being very hard later on!

Thank you for this Let's Play.  EOB is rarely done, and it has never been done blind. I'm already loving it... :-)

oh yeah. no maps on those style games is chore. i remember playing warriors of the eternal sun and trying to map it all on homemade graph paper. lol.

This game started my fear of all D&D spiders also. Baldurs Gate helped not at all to alleviate that.

I find myself talking, giving you advise and wonder about your spear fetish but you never seem to hear me. I have that effect on women.. Really though I have watched the whole series up to this point and am enjoying it. I do wonder why you dont keep a useful scroll handy in Goldmoon's weapon slot since she cant smack anything with her mace. Starting to view this episode now, plan on watching your other series when I finish this one. Thank you for doing these play through videos! 

All the Drow look like Hulk Hogan, all that is missing are them wearing the Hulk-A-Maniac tear away shirts and his theme music. 

4 day watching marathon complete! Watched each episode and enjoyed it very much. Good job on defeating the game and thank you for doing this Lets Play series!

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