Thar Be Trolls!

I've decided to post the nasty comments on my videos here. They either prove that:

A) I'm not perfect.
B) I've "made it" as a Let's Player.
- or -
C) Thar be trolls.


• you suck, your boring, and i cant stand your voice. you sound like a monkey inside a monkey inside a whale inside a shark. im surprised you can even read

• Wow. You must really have no life to be able to do this

• U3nhenyebuueueu7nUueùuuëuueuùuweuuuueuuuëuu3u3uuwuuenune

• no thanking for making videos

• you suck

• your voice is fucking funny as fuck and also really fucking annoying bitch

• someone like you has no business with a computer like that.unless you can cook with it. you obviously have no idea about the should give the computer to a man.he'll know how to use it get yourself in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.but I guess those people who are too stupid to build a pc for them self buy it from my i buy power. did you know you're getting refurbished junk.

• cant stand watching you play this game. lol u act like you got no idea what your doing

• so fucking slow kill yourself

• i dont have time for moron like you

• Dumb ass

• the black briar manor is closed from the inside idiot

• Your slow

• you have to die bitch

• Youre a cheat using n00b. Dislike from me.

• annoying ass woman I muted the vid and it helped a lot

• Shut up and play

• fucking retard

• Ther was super loot super luser

• wow your worse at this game than me why the heck would you make a guide/walkthrough if you yourself dont even know what your doing and no that miner wasnt on that table before

• O don't know why i even talked to you, you look like shit and your videos are shit.

• your so gay shur up and delete your channel

• you're not a RPG chick if you haven't played the ME games. Full Stop.

• Go suck some dicks

• Shit

• you would think skyrim audio books would be awesome but your voice is so damn annoying

• Yep, I was right, YOU SHOULD'VE CHOSEN THE VAMPIRE SIDE!, ( damn lame ass lp ).

• Estupid boy


  1. Wow, those are some great examples for human stupidity. As a normal guy I feel kind of embarrassed about the sexist comments and the prejudices. So much "badassery" online, but their reality is that they still live with their parents and never talk girls, lol. Why hating? Youtube is for free and if you don't like something, don't watch it.

    Whatever, they won't stop you doing what you do. I wish you all the best and have fun making your videos.

    Kind regards
    Alexander from Germany

    1. Who knows why they do what they do? I just find it hilarious. Thanks so much for the supportive words, and have no fear, I've only yet begun to let's play. :D

  2. Haha, genius, you don't ignore them, you make a whole page about the trolls. Hilarious. Keep going gurl.

    1. Thanks. This is my way of having them stand up and tell the class the little messages they've been leaving. XD

  3. Wow If There Gonna Be Trolls They Should At Least Be Good at it That's Just Stupid

  4. The question is, do they regenerate when flamed?