Sunday, October 14, 2012

Let's Play Portal (Blind) - Co-op Play With Sapphire Claw and Razznatazz

A Blind Let's Play
Platform: PC/Windows
Released: 2007
Genre: Puzzle/Platformer
Setting: Science Fiction
Developer: Valve Corporation
Publisher: Valve Corporation


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First Video in the Series:

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My blind playthrough with my daughters, Sapphire Claw and Razzmatazz (their real names were changed to endanger the innocent). If our voices are too low, then please accept my apologies. This is my first time using a desk mic, and it's not a stupendously awesome mic at that. Hopefully someone will enjoy this. If not, eh. We had fun.  :P

What can I say about Portal? It's a puzzle game, and a platform game. A game where physics is something you deal with constantly. Underneath all the test chambers and things to figure out, there is a twist in the plot (or more, the twist is the introduction of a plot) that turns this game into something more.

[Total Game Time - 7:01:85]

Selected Comments From YouTube:

Nice LP. It's fun to hear reactions from multiple people :)

Were ya'll planning to do Portal 2? :-)

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Let's Read The Books of Skyrim

Technically, these aren't Let's Plays. They are Let's Reads. I'm intent on reading aloud every book I find in Skyrim (many of which are present in the previous Elder Scrolls games as well), and presenting them in video form, turning the pages as I go. All of these books are linked from (and link back to) events in my Let's Play series of Skyrim, in which I find the books themselves.

This may seem ridiculous (and it probably is!), but some people are actually leaving favorable comments on these videos.

I'm not going to make an entry for this in the list of Let's Plays, but I will embed and link to the playlist and first video in the series.

This is going to take me about a year to finish if I keep up with it, as I believe there are 300-something non-journal books in Skyrim. All I can say is that I'm having fun so far, and learning so much about the lore of the entire Elder Scrolls series.


First video in the series:

Selected Comments From YouTube:

• wow this is a very interesting idea thanks for doing this

• It's like story telling time at the local library...8)  

• THIS is unique...

• Thank you for taking the time to do these videos, they are great. :)

• Wonderful ,I love all your Elder Scrolls readings. You are a true Elder Scrolls fan and a credit to the ES games.

• Moral of the story: in Skyrim, insane people are actually posessed by the evil Daedric Prince Sheogorath, so don't try to take advantage of them or they'll double-cross your ass and then laugh inside your skull while you slowly starve to death.

This one made me LOL! Thank you.

Thank you ,wonderful reading, it explains the story of Oblivion very well.

Thanks for this. I have always wanted to read the books I found in Skyrim. My home in Breezehome are filled books lying on the floor. XD But I never have found the time to read it because when in game, I'd rather go questing. This is also easier because it's like watching a movie with subs. :D 

could you include subtitles? naaah i'm jokin good job

I could listen to you read these all day, you know in reading countless books from both Marrowind and Oblivion, that's the height of the games, it's what makes "The Elder Scrolls," amazing to play.

I left a comment on your "Mysterious Akavir" video about how sources conflict about the physical nature of the Tsaesci race. In this book, they're described as having mounted scouts and cavalry. If they were literally snakes with snake bodies, such an act would be difficult to imagine. This is one of several instances where the lore is internally inconsistent and we, the fans, are left to interpret it on our own. Again, I enjoy and appreciate your videos.

Gave you a "like" for reading from one of my favorite series in TES. It's right up there with 2920, the real Barenziah, the Commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes, the Lessons of Vivec and the Remanada. All favorites of mine, but this one rivals them

I was looking for this.. too lazy to read them myself! thats unfortunate Good JOB! 

Very good work, you have a pleasant voice. This is one of my favorite books, if you haven't read Disaster at Ionith, could you? 

Awesome! I've watched all your "read the books of Skyrim" videos! Keep up the good work! 

I love these videos, I am absolutely in love with the Elder Scrolls series & it's lore! Thank you!