Saturday, September 10, 2011

Let's Play The Strange and Somewhat Sinister Tale of the House at Desert Bridge

A Blind Let's Play
Platform: PC/Windows
Released: 2008
Genre: Adventure
Setting: Fantasy/Weird
Developer: Jonas Kyratzes
Publisher: Self Published
Version: 1.0


First Video in the Series:

Written and developed by Jonas Kyratzes, this is the prequel (of sorts) to The Book of Living Magic. You are contacted by a talking picture frame from the Lands of Dream, and charged with the task of finding the owner of the house, Old Man Bill. Along the way, you encounter a dinosaur in the garden, a political turtle, a pair of Giant Hamsters of Doom, a spiderpig, mushrooms who say "excellent" a lot, a paranoid rabbit, and many other strange characters. We make potions, decipher encrypted journals, turn a chicken into a duck, and many other strange activities.

[Total Game Time - 4:58:06]

Links of Interest:

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This post has been backdated to reflect the date of the original Let's Play.


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