Thursday, January 17, 2013

Let's Play Chaos Strikes Back

Platform: Amiga
Released: 1989
Genre: RPG
Setting: Fantasy/Dungeon Crawler
Developer: FTL Games
Publisher: FTL Games
Version: 3.1


First Video in the Series:

It's the sequel to Dungeon Master! So you thought Dungeon Master was hard? Tag along as I tackle one of the most complicated, convoluted dungeons ever designed. Our quest is to find the four corbums (eh?) that sucked the mana from the Grey Lord, causing Lord Chaos to split off from him again. Lost yet? We'll just battle our way through four paths: Ku (warrior), Neta (priest), Ros (ninja), and Dain (wizard), finding a corbum at the end of each one. Once all the corbums are collected, we just throw them into the Fulya Pit (huh?), and we'll save the day. Simple, huh? Ha! Ha ha ha ha! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

P.S. -  The first ten videos were recorded in March/April of 2012, and only the first five were uploaded at that time. I was unable to get past an event in episode 11 due to the fact that I only had a rudimentary graphics card. Now that I can use Fraps, I can play the game in fullscreen, and get past the event (grabbing the first Corbum from the niche at the end of end of the "Ku" level). So... Episode 11 begins all new recordings in January of 2013, starting from where I left off.

[Total Game Time - 10:11:16]

Selected Comments From YouTube:

• seems hard for early in the game!

• Poor Wulf... She gets dragon killed, then brought back to life, but forced to walk on a brocken ankle and leg for an eternity (to her) until he finaly get some potions. Then the first real fight she gets in again she gets eaten by a spider... Man life isn't easy in your DMing sessions Amethyst... If we ever play D&D togetter, remind me to make a 22 CON dwarf warrior ;-)

• thank you i love you so much :p

• That is horrifying. If I ever played this when I was a little girl I'd still have nightmares! Geez or even if I was little today with all the crazy graphics! I remember getting starttled over the tiniest things...

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  1. Heh, I never even heard of this game before.

    Then again I never had an Amiga

    1. It was only available for Amiga, Atari ST, and a few of the Japanese computers, like FM Towns. :)

    2. yeah, I grew up with IBM PCs.

      Ah well, at least we had Star control 2