Thursday, December 20, 2012

Let's Play Portal 2 (Blind) - Co-op Play With Sapphire Claw and Razznatazz

A Blind Let's Play
Platform: PC/Windows
Released: 2011
Genre: Puzzle/Platformer
Setting: Science Fiction
Developer: Valve Corporation
Publisher: Valve Corporation


First Video in the Series:

My blind playthrough with my daughters, Sapphire Claw and Razzmatazz (their real names were changed to endanger the innocent).

This is, of course, another puzzle/platform game. A game where physics is something you deal with constantly. The storyline, locations, and characters make this at least 10 times as entertaining as the first game. Join us as we try to get the hell out of this place... again.

[Total Game Time - 15:04:55]

Selected Comments From YouTube:

Cool, I've been waiting for this!
5:55 - a rather intense start for having done nothing but look around and jump... love that Wheatley guy!
9:05 - interesting puzzle. Hard to imagine many more puzzles coming up that don't require a portal gun, though.
10:33 - Interesting feature - the entry/exit chambers display video messages?
11:44 - Uh oh. More graffiti...
15:06 - The elevators dual as vacuums, cool!
Interesting game so far.

• Watching people play portal is one of the most frustrating things but good video.

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