Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let's Play Hacker

Platform: PC/DOS 
Released: 1985 
Genre: Adventure/Strategy 
Setting: Science Fiction/Cyberpunk 
Developer: Activision, Inc. 
Publisher: Activision, Inc. 

First and Only Video:

Come along with me as I play through Activision's Hacker. This is a very short LP. It's yet another game that bested me when I was younger, and I'm only too happy to beat it now. You stumble into Magma, Ltd.'s computer network (note: you don't actually hack your way in), and find yourself able to control a robot through a series of subterranean tunnels. You find out that this company is actually up to no good, and you negotiate with spies to get pieces of an official document which you can then turn in to Washington, D.C. Spy satellites, blackouts, and a time limit impede your progress. This game differs in other versions, but this is how it's done in the PC version.

[Total Game Time - 00:32:29]

Selected Comments From YouTube:

I loved it, I was like 6 when I first tried my luck at this. What a fantastic choice.

lol i had this on the speccy as a kid. i never had a clue how to play it xD 

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