Saturday, December 17, 2011

Let's Play King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones

A Blind Let's Play
Platform: PC/Windows
Released: 1985 (original), 2010 (remake)
Genre: Adventure
Setting: Fantasy
Developer: Sierra Entertainment, Inc. (original), AGD Interactive (remake)
Publisher: Same as above
Version: King's Quest II remake: 3.1

Playlist (Begins with King's Quest I):

 First Video in the Series:

Although Daventry is fairing well under King Graham's rule, he is lonely and unable to find anyone suitable to be his queen. Upon seeing a vision in his magical mirror, he journeys to the land of Kolyma to rescue some fair maiden locked in a tower. He has no idea what her name is, nor anything at all about her, save that she is miserable in that tower, and oh yeah, she's also very attractive. Well, the rest is just details, right? Join me as I help him rescue this mysterious would-be queen!

This is the second game in AGD Interactive's series of King's Quest remakes. The game has been expanded into quite more than the original, with not only 15 more characters to interact with, but with more puzzles and exposition as well. Plus there's a full musical score and speech acting, just like in the remake of King's Quest I. This... is gonna be good.

[Total Game Time - 12:27:12]

Selected Comments From YouTube:


haha what a great game! the Kings quest games are so funny!  

heh.. you have a hairy ball coconut. Really appreciate you posting these playthroughs. That half hour went by so fast.My siblings and I used to play your adventure games when we were kids, and it's not the same playing them alone. Commentary is great !We couldn't ever get into Sierra games, the puzzles seemed more geared towards adults, and we mostly played the lucasarts ones. I noticed you didn't have Legend of Kyrandia on your play list.... any hope for that being a future series ?? 

Great job  I watched it all  Loved every minute of it  Thanks

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This post has been backdated to reflect the date of the original Let's Play.


  1. The playlist and video don't show up for me, I'm getting a Connection Refused error. Likely nothing you can do to fix this though.

    That being said, thank you for following my blog! It is definitely inspiring to know someone has taken an interest and in similar fashion, I shall be following yours.

    More relevant, the King's Quest games, up until the fourth one, utilize a graphics engine originally written for the IBM PC Jr., utilizing the system's, at the time, enhanced graphics and sound.

    The early Tandy systems are basically PC Jr. clones, and I own a Tandy 1000SX. Playing the early Sierra games nets much better sounds and EGA-quality graphics during an era when most still had CGA. The intro music for the King's Quest games benefit especially from the Tandy sound chip.

  2. Hi Raifield! Thanks for following back, and for the info. What I can do is put links under the embedded videos, for those who get the "connection refused" error. Strange, that. In the meantime, you can always click on the link to my YouTube channel to find any videos that may interest you. :)

    I'm playing the remakes of the King's Quest games, featuring VGA graphics, a full musical score, and voice acting. I first played KQ3 on a Tandy 1000 EX. It's a wonder that game didn't turn me away from adventure games forever.

    Thanks again, and have fun with Bethesda's RPG gems. :)