Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Let's Play King's Quest I: Quest For the Crown

A Blind Let's Play
Platform: PC/Windows
Released: 1984 (original), 2008 (remake)
Genre: Adventure
Setting: Fantasy
Developer: Sierra Entertainment, Inc. (original), AGD Interactive (remake)
Publisher: Same as above
Version: King's Quest I remake: 4.1


First Video in the Series:

The Kingdom of Daventry is suffering from recent disasters and hardship. King Edward calls his bravest knight, Sir Graham, to his throne, and tells him there are three lost treasures of the kingdom hidden throughout the land that would end Daventry's troubles if found. If Sir Graham succeeds in his quest, he will be the new King of Daventry. Join me as I help Sir Graham find the treasures and restore the kingdom to its former glory!

This a blind let's play, meaning that this is the first time I've played ANY version of the first King's Quest game before. I know, I know...

[Total Game Time: 4:12:09]

Selected Comments From YouTube:

wow the version i played long ago certainly had no voice acting! there were so many versions of this game down the years. this one is from 2001?

Don't feed the troll?  Sounds like a lot of comments on YouTube.

• Ahhh...Sierra Games! Good times.

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This post has been backdated to reflect the date of the original Let's Play.


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