Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Let's Play Postal 2 + Apocalypse Weekend (expansion) + Eternal Damnation (mod)

Platform: PC/Windows
Released: 2003
Genre: FPS (First-Person Shooter)
Setting: Suburbia
Developer: Running With Scissors, Inc.
Publisher: Whiptail Interactive
Version: Full-US-1409


First Video in the Series:

This game is just so wrong. You play as the "Postal Dude," who has to do mundane things like get milk and return overdue library books. The only thing is this town is full of people who love to shoot, maim, and kill each other... and you! You can play as passively or as violently as you want. Me? I played a bit violently. Just a bit. 

[Total Game Time - 11:20:03]

Apocalypse Weekend (expansion)

[Total Game Time - 8:04:41]

Eternal Damnation (mod)

And now for something completely different. I would definitely put this game in the category of survival/horror. You find out some really shocking things about your girlfriend, while running from zombies left and right, and escaping from a mental hospital, as well as a clinic from hell.

[Total Game Time - 10:09:57]

Selected Comments From YouTube:

Thanks for uploading this series - your RPG playthroughs are great, but this is a radical, manic change! I originally played this way back when (**feels old**), but never got beyond Tuesday, as the AI infuriated me. Too random, chaotic and reactionary. That being said, the diseased cow head is one of the finest weapons in all gaming!

Oh yeah!!! 

why postal? so many good games up there, and postal not one of them :(

• I LOVED this game. xD Are you going to be doing the Apocalypse Weekend and Eternal Damnation mods?

• Glad I watched this 8D 

lost in a mall, so realistic!  hehehehe

You've got to love the communication between people in this town.
>Do you know what time it is?
>I think I need a drink before breakfast
>Are you on crack?!
>"Pulls out machine gun*
Ladies and gentlemen, the SWAT of Paradise. xD

• Well this is a lot....darker than I thought. xD With a name like "Apocalypse Weekend" I should have known it'd be dark.

<.< Oh man. This mod does look really scary..

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