Friday, February 10, 2012

Let's Play King's Quest III Redux: To Heir is Human

Platform: PC/Windows
Released: 1986 (original), 2011 (remake)
Genre: Adventure
Setting: Fantasy
Developer: Sierra Entertainment, Inc. (original), AGD Interactive (remake)
Publisher: Same as above
Version: King's Quest III remake: 1.0

Playlist (Begins with King's Quest I):

First Video in the Series:

I have a personal vendetta against this game. This was the first computer game I had ever played, and I can't tell you how many times I found myself turned into something by that verdammt wizard! Anyway, we don't play the part of King Graham in this game. Not in the least. We play a boy named Gywdion, who is slave to an evil wizard. This is the trickiest King's Quest yet, since Manannan is always keeping tabs on us. The remake has been made a bit easier, by giving us a color-coded timer and a glow around "contraband" items. But it's still tricky. Tag along as I try to get this poor boy out of that hellhole!

[Total Game Time - 12:10:50]

Selected Comments From YouTube:

KQIII, whether original Sierra, remake or redux, is everybody's arch nemesis game :-)

don't disturb me. i'm resting. what part of don't disturb me do you not understand. lol.

I bought all of these King's Quest games on steam long time ago but my computer wasnt too happy about the games being so old so I never got to really play them, but now I can enjoy watching you play them!:) 

:D keep it up "retro queen":P

LOVE yoir various movie and TV references

Hi! Just a quick, THANKS! I love these vids. I played ALL the original KQ and am enjoying these remakes also. I like watching your vids, making notes, then whipping through the games. This is maybe better than watching a movie! If you would, please, in case I missed it, tell us what you used to record your games? Another oldey but goody is Outpost 2, there's a fan site for it also and new scenarios too. I'm fairly regular in playing that mid to late winter yearly. Good work!

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  1. Good to see a new post from you. I'm thinking at some point I'll watch your LPs and read The Trickster's reviews. I actually haven't ever played through any of the King's Quest games. It's the type of game I find hard to get into. I like text adventures, I like graphic adventures, but not combined. I was really put off by Quest of Glory 2 for this very reason.

  2. @Zenic Reverie Thanks! I have a few more posts in the works.

    I think these King's Quest remakes could be called "graphic adventures." These have been made into real point-and-click games. No typing or syntax checking here! In fact, almost every word that appears on screen is narrated, even down to describing rocks and trees, ha ha!