Sunday, July 3, 2011

Let's Play Sentinel Worlds I: Future Magic

Platform: PC/Tandy/DOS 
Released: 1988 
Genre: RPG 
Setting: Science Fiction
Developer: Karl Buiter
Publisher: Electronic Arts


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 First Video in the Series:

Here's a game that never got the recognition it deserved. Karl Buiter went on to develop another game called Hard Nova, which also did not do well in the market. Unfortunately, Sentinel Worlds II never saw the light of day, but Hard Nova is now considered a spiritual successor to this game.

Your mission is to stop raider ships from attacking cargo transports heading to colony worlds. This expands into a truly epic storyline.

I played the game with Tandy sound enabled. I originally played this on my Tandy 1000, so it was like old home week(s). I never got that far in the game back then, but I've done pretty well this time.

Not only was I the first to post an LP of this game, but it was my first LP ever. I get better, I promise!

[Total Game Time - 11:44:23]

Selected Comments From YouTube:

Mmmh SWFM! One day when I have enough time I will watch all your vids through in a long session!

It was a crime that this game never got a sequel. I ended up playing Hard Nova twice to satiate my fix.

Liking this LP so far. :) This looks like a kind of game I would've loved as a kid, but now wouldn't have the patience to play, so thanks for playing it for me. ;) On a side note, I find the Tandy music in this game to be reminiscent of music from the Sega Master System, particularly Phantasy Star (a game I loved as a kid, but I couldn't beat the final dungeon that had something like 8 levels and was one of those 3D mazes at which I suck with no automap :P ).

You should show the EA funmap as a bonus episode!!

I've been watching this LP straight from the first video. You've got a really soothing voice that reminds me of my favorite female comedian: Lily Tomlin. Ill def watch the rest and your other LPs too!

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This post has been backdated to reflect the date of the original Let's Play.


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